To the power of 4

Toyota takes the classic RAV4 to stylish new heights

To the power of 4

The latest edition of the superb Toyota RAV4 is a stunning marriage of electronics and driving mastery, brought together to create the ultimate city slicker. The RAV4 has been a staple on South African roads for over 20 years, but this update is the crowning masterpiece to the beloved model and will certainly cement the RAV4 in its place at the top of the compact SUV pedestal.

The refreshed SUV emerges with a more sophisticated look, courtesy of the Lexus-inspired styling in the new expansive grille and LED headlights. The RAV4 now boasts an updated interior paired with a smooth drive, making for some serious feel-good vibes.

This safety-laced SUV is a forward-thinking machine, thanks to newly developed technologies – including autonomous braking – that can prevent or mitigate the force of a collision.

The RAV4’s intuitive nature is one of its many driving pleasures. More welcoming and direct in its response, the SUV delivers both a sharper driving dynamic and a quieter ride.

With a host of different engine options available to suit any lifestyle, the RAV4 continues to reinvent and push the boundaries of what to expect from an SUV.

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Text: Curtis Tissen; Photography: QuickPic
February/March 2016

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