Smooth operator

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé delivers a performance to match its luxurious design

Smooth operator

A distinctively eye-catching piece of machinery, born out of the thrill-inducing desire to be the best, the C-Class Coupé is pure class, gift-wrapped in a chiselled physique.

Combining sinuous power with intense lines and surfaces, like the frameless doors that flow smoothly toward the sloped rear, this attractive Mercedes-Benz definitely has unmistakable allure.

In fact, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact design element that gives this dynamic model its classic coupé characteristics. Perhaps it’s the purposefully low-slung, aggressive stance, or the clean lines and sensually arranged surfaces which throw the side profile into vivid light and shadow.

Beyond style, the list of heavy artillery engine options makes sure that the C-Class Coupé rewards its drivers with finely tuned responses, ensuring that this track-trained German master can attack the streets with absolute authority.

The exhaust tones are distinctive and each rumble sends ripples of excitement reverberating seductively throughout the cabin.

A sport steering wheel and well-tailored interior package are the final touches to this sensual masterpiece. The entire layout of the cockpit is designed to put the driver first, the captain at the helm of this sporty package, while ensuring that passengers are provided with plenty of support and comfort. Thanks to its clever technological features and range of distinctive driver aids, Mercedes-Benz is already in the sphere of autonomous driving and the future of technology as a true icon of innovation.

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 Text: Curtis Tissen; Photography: Courtesy image
June/July 2016

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