On the prowl

The powerful new Jaguar F-Pace revs up

On the prowl

The F-Pace’s sporting pedigree is pretty undeniable across the entire premium range. It’s a neat package of luxury and firepower that’s a stealthy assault on the roads.

From the bonnet bulge – revealing its intentions – to the pronounced rear, the F-Pace strikes a powerful pose.

Simplicity meets class with a cabin dressed in luxurious leathers, premium metals and wooden inserts. Rich with technology, the F-Pace includes the advanced InControl multimedia system, which ensures that you always remain connected to the outside world.

Exploring the engine line-up, Jaguar’s impressive range means that there is something for everyone, from a more sporty turbocharged diesel to a really rampant supercharged petrol engine – thrills are guaranteed.

The irrepressible exhaust tone is fully capable of dissolving any outside noise that enters the cabin, while the razor-sharp steering is perfectly weighted, adding to the car’s athleticism. Throw in a healthy dollop of dynamics, space and practicality, and the Jaguar F-Pace quickly becomes a complete package.

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Text: Curtis Tissen; Photography: Courtesy Image
October/November 2016

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