Love at first sight is a given with the Lexus NX’s superior styling


Powerful, agile and beautifully sculpted – moments of seduction come standard in the Lexus NX.

The bold front end, with its prominent spindle grille and bulging rear fenders, is complemented by powerfully protruding wheel flares. This is where the love affair begins – where premium styling meets urban ruggedness.

Built to be an extension of the driver, the NX sweeps you into motoring nirvana, securely ensconced within the muscular curves of its aggressive silhouette. The well-appointed interior is luxurious while also maintaining the precision of a high-performance machine.

Innovative, yet practical in its approach, Lexus has retained all of its renowned sophistication with an up-to-date array of innovative on-board technology.

Adept in its power delivery, the NX engine is unmatched. Finding the perfect balance between fuel economy and heart-pounding performance, the Lexus NX is redefining what we’ve come to expect from crossover SUVs, prioritising comfort without limiting driving excellence.

The NX is a defined and calculated athlete, showcasing the brand’s technical and innovative prowess. And with a full suite of safety and standard features, this SUV is the future of driving – today.

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Text: Curtis Tissen; Photography: Courtesy image
August/September 2016

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