City slicker

The new Audi Q2 has been engineered
to impress

City slicker

To adopt a well-worn cliché, dynamite definitely does come in small packages. Audi’s Q2 has exploded on to the scene thanks to its chic cosmopolitan bodywork, moulded around a lightweight nimble chassis that illuminates every drop of the brand’s engineering maturity. Building upon the burgeoning Q-model line-up, the pert entry point to Audi’s SUV ownership relies on taut succinct proportions gelled with the timeless raised ride-height formula. The end result? A zero-compromise offering; mimicking the agility of a small city car, muscular road presence and Q2’s ability to unlock those panoramic vistas, usually found when tarmac shrinks into the rear-view mirror and gravel snakes off into the horizon.

The Q2’s immaculate performance under any condition can transform the dramatic to the serene, isolating occupants in a cabin that exudes Audi’s fastidious approach to noise and vibration. A place where technology never intrudes into simplicity, with every surface or dial having millimetre-perfect feedback or rich pixel displays swirled around fluid customisation. Despite the absence of Audi’s Quattro system, the full litany of downsized petrol turbo-charged engines are on hand, starting off with the charismatic 1.0l, which should not be underestimated in this premium high-society SUV. The entire Audi Q2 range is now available in South Africa.

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