A class of their own

These SUVs deliver extreme adventure with Mercedes-Benz sophistication

A class of their own

Mercedes-Benz SUVs, forged from a lifetime spent in the pursuit of adventure and off-road performance, take luxury to new heights with this array of models for every type of explorer.

The range includes the legendary G-Class (world-renowned as the ultimate off-roader and conqueror of all summits), the GLE and GLE Coupé. Strong in its stance, the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé is proof that a capable SUV can look stylish, without sacrificing off-road prowess, combining sporty elegance with the robustness of an SUV. The GLE offers a high level of comfort combined with excellent off-road capabilities.

Mercedes-Benz will be taking another powerful leap forward with the GLC model, which will surely stamp its dominance in the industry as a premium SUV. Given its cravings for a life less ordinary, this SUV is always willing to tackle the great outdoors without compromise.

The smallest SUV in the Mercedes-Benz family certainly isn’t shy of its credentials. The GLA is a fearless explorer, particularly
in its daring AMG variation – the GLA 45 AMG has the world’s most powerful series-production four-cylinder engine. With its confident performance, the GLA 45 AMG is a racer that’s raring to blaze its own path.

Up for any challenge, this SUV range is awe-inspiring, making it simple to find your perfect travelling companion. Pairing its adventurous streak with famed luxury, Mercedes-Benz is ready to conquer. Are you?

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Text: Curtis Tissen; Photography: Courtesy image
December 2015/January 2016

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